BAPTISM'S are of major significance in any believer's life!!   It signifies a believer's decision to fully dedicate themselves to God Almighty.. & His awesome work!!  In the case of a newborn.. signifies the babies dedication to the Lord by his/her parents..  We would like to join with you in this celebration from beginning to end!  We will capture the whole process, &/or leading up to this monumental Holy occasion!  We will then put it into story form in getting a bit of background from you.. & put on | or V - So you can have the moment to watch any time!!  It is a proud moment..  We will also be glad to create and upload it to a social media site of your choice.. (y, o, p, l, c, h,or b)..  We congratulate you in your decision & would be honored to celebrate with you..


A little about your background & what brought you to this point.  Testimonies are PERFECT!  A few photos of you as a baby/child, teen, 20s, to now.. This way we can create a film short timeline of sorts that is uniquely YOU!  In every way!   Newborns, just a couple of photos as we create a timeline of his/her short life so far, & this EXCITING moment!



For the 'actual' baptismal - we will arrive at the location a bit early to set up 2 to 3 cameras.. One as a wide shot, one under water, & one covering the 'coming up  from the water,' as new man/woman - property of The Lord!!  Hallelujah!    As newborns are a bit different & usually done by water 'infusion,' or sometimes called, 'immersion baptism' - we will have the cameras set up at different angles around where the baptism will occur..

Whether it is you or your newborn?  We ANXIOUSLY look forward to celebrating the MONUMENTAL MOMENT with you, and capturing the moment!   Please use the form below to tell us about it.  We look forward to hearing from you! God Bless!!!

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