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Welcome to Nu Entertainment Productions.  This isn't JUST a business... It's a hobby, passion, interest, and LOVE for film I eat, sleep, and live...

ONLY SECOND to Christ!!!


And as the Bible says in Colossians 3:23, "..And whatsoever you do, do it heartily, as to the LORD and not to man!'  You'd be surprised how smoother things (even your passion of work) goes when you do unto the LORD to fulfill man's need!!   

Nudo Entertainment was founded by myself, Tony Nudo, in 1998... As a LOVE for EVERY aspect of the production process - a hobby..

and molded, by 100% pure passion.. 

I have modeled my business model upon that which was set forth by the Hollywood founding fathers, Charlie Chaplin, Mabel Normand, The Warner Bros. (Harry, Sam, Abe, & Jack), Buster Keaton, Louie B. Mayer (MGM), Wilham Fox (20th Century FOX), Samuel Goldwyn, The Cohn Bros. (Columbia Pictures), Doug Fairbanks, Mary Pickford, & Carl Laemmle (Universal Pictures), business model.  Though ALL rivals; they had ONE CORE CREED IN MIND...  and that was/is...


"Don't merely give clients simply what they want or have paid for...  GIVE them MORE!!  Clients are the motor behind ANY business.. And their wants & needs should always be at the forefront of our mind!!  To go ABOVE and BEYOND what their furthest expectations are.  Adopt the idea of them as family and you have a client - and rather large family for life!!"  EACH finished production should have 3 core values at it's root.. 3 core essentials that ANY production should possess..  And THAT is..




One of the most PRECIOUS THINGS IN LIFE... are MEMORIES!!!  To ME??  There is NO GREATER THRILL than seeing GREAT MEMORIES preserved for a LIFETIME of MEMORIES!!!  Moreover - being a PART OF IT!!!



What a BLESSING and HONOR it is, seeing the reactions of people seeing for the first time -the FINISHED PRODUCT!!  It is an intense, passion!  Each and every customer/business I/Nu Entertainment has served, hopefully, builds a reputation with that client..  That client has friends, they have friends.. And on it goes!!  It's a labor of love, with combined talent that fuels passion. 


  It's a passion... it's how we put our dreams, love, talent, to work, and fulfill the call of our passion!  Our clients are THE most important aspect of what we do!!  We strive to develop a family type reputation with each one, catering to each their individual need.. Spending ample time perfecting what they want & need in production.. Whether said client is a business, or individual..


I can 100% assure you - that, if you put your needs into our hands - you can TRUST & KNOW (REST ASSURED), 

it will go ABOVE BEYOND ALL of your expectations.. If it doesn't?   Then you DON'T pay a cent, & your project is on us!  Moreover - we will attempt to remedy the situation by starting over; correcting what went wrong and, as said, you don't pay a cent!!   YOUR SATISFACTION is the most important thing to us!!


We are HUMBLED & HONORED by ALL of our clientele and quality, (outside passion), is the NUMBER ONE ingredient with which we operate!! 

For it is our clients, that allow us to do what we LOVE to do!!  It's NOT work to us, it's a passion, pride, and love for the whole aspect and the

'art of production!!'

If it is utilizing talent, passion, &/or imagination for othersthat is when we are happiest!!  Always keeping in mind the trust our clientele puts in us is what makes us the MOST happy.. But when the finished product is in play.. To see the joy of our clientele upon seeing their new finished product is what it's ALL about!!  THAT is more important than the money & considered PRICELESS!  THAT is the TRUE payoff to us!  The amount of sheer success we've had since 1998, I think, reflects that...


From our regular commercial clients, to our 'family' individual clients... we have worked flawless with both and never had a complaint and I, (Tony Nudo), am humbled & proud of that fact!  It is something to be VERY proud of!! 


Thanks for stopping by and be sure to visit our service page for a full and more in-depth look at what all we do,  I look VERY MUCH forward to hearing from you!  God Bless!!  We appreciate the opportunity & honor of serving you!!  WHATEVER way in which we can meet your need... You, and your need (or what we are doing for you), is ALWAYS on the forefront of our mind!!  It is a blessing to serve and we hope above ALL... That YOU are blessed in the production we deliver to you!!


Tony Nudo,

Founder/Owner of Nudo Entertainment..

P.S. - Please click here to contact me.. & see for yourself - how I can help or what I can do for you!  I look forward to hearing from you!! 😋

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