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Graduations are a VERY important day signifying a students turn into the real world & out of a familiar routine said student has maintained for 12 years, (or 2 or 4, sometimes 8 in college).  It is DEFINITELY fair to say you have 'danced thru it!'  Let us take care of those memories for you!!

For graduations.. we like to (but it's of course optional), ask for each school years photo & create a year by year timeline montage - thus creating a story that is uniquely the graduate.  We will cap it all off with an UNFORGETTABLE graduation day..  Encapsulating the day into a moment in time that you can remember & relive ANY TIME you want by reliving the day!  Whether high school or college ... you have worked hard for this graduation day!!  Let us take the worry of capturing the memories off your shoulders allowing you (and those celebrating with you), partake in the fun.  Our camera doesn't stop rolling 'after' the graduation.. We will be glad to extend your memories to the restaurant or after party if you wish!  Absolutely!!  It is the graduates day - and our cameras roll capturing the memories until YOU are satisfied!!  Whether you choose 'just the graduation' - or to have our cameras roll 'for the day, 10am-10pm' - That is YOUR call!!

Let us have the honor of capturing your memories for a day you have/or your graduate has worked SO hard for!!  To request a demo reel or for more information?  Please fill out the form below and we will be honored & excited to celebrate with you!!!  We excitedly look forward to it!!

Tell us about your graduate..

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