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REUNIONS: A time whereby families get together to reminisce, catch up, or maybe meet family members you never knew..  The memories from these occasions can last a lifetime!!  For your upcoming reunion - let us capture the memories for you to be put on DVD for a lifetime to enjoy anytime you want..  We take care of EVERY SINGLE aspect (even t shirts if you so choose!!).. Up to and including a website (or your very own  B™ OR H™ CHANNEL).. to enjoy from wherever you are, to re-live, ANYTIME you want..

The reunion 'fun' is yours.. Give Nu Entertainment, the honor of capturing the fun to relive any time & or anywhere..

For a free sample video.. Or to discuss what Nu Entertainment can do for you & your family.. Just fill out the form below and we will cater your memories - tailored to fit you & your loved ones!!  Our basic package includes your memories on a  or  channel, a website (if you so choose), and up to 30 dvd's or blueray's or VHS tapes - to be sure each family member gets one..


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