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Wedding Production

It has been named as THE most important day of ANY woman!!  A day the woman, (& secretly 'the man') counts down to since the day they have been able to count.  So by the time the special day arrives??  The woman knows UNEQUIVOCALLY what she wants and how she wants it to look.  Many times, she has played that film over and over in her head!!  We understand that - and OUR job is capturing that day & the leading up to it.. And getting the final image product from the bride & groom's head - onto a motion picture product that will FAR exceed ALL of your expectations!!  To make it look EXACTLY like you have envisioned it!!  Whatever it takes! 


All wedding packages include both 'still', & 'motion' photography...

It is a day where both the bride & groom, should shine in EVERY way!  The day is (AND SHOULD BE), about the bride and groom!! They are THE ONLY thing that matters & this will be conveyed in several ways (or by many themes).. conveying what has been in her (& his) head & heart since childhood!!  We strive to capture the awesome  memories of your special day in EVERY way!!  From arrival, to the getting ready, to the walk down the isle, to the nuptials & vows, to the kiss, to the leaving to go to the reception, to the reception, to the leaving on your honeymoon!!  Every step being played out with sound bytes from your special guests!  We KNOW that these are memories you'll wanna relive your entire lives and with those kind of special memories at stake.. We KNOW that the video and still photography must SHINE!  In EVERY SINGLE WAY!!  

We have done conventional weddings, to Disney themed weddings.  With the image the BRIDE and GROOM have - we put that together along with a motion picture storyboard that will deliver UNEQUIVOCALLY the GREATEST film ever made, & that is the newlyweds special day!!

Please use the form below to 'get started' on bringing YOUR dream wedding day (& leading up to it..) - to the fulfillment of a series of captured moments from your special day!  Please let us know your vision so that we may begin building a canvas leading up to your special day!! You can also request a sample reel of our work..

We STRIVE to go BEYOND your expectations & if we DON'T go beyond your expectations..  Then you keep the motion & still pictures from your special day and you don't pay!  We back our work with a 100% money back guarantee!  That is how confident we are that you will be 100% satisfied!!  We ALSO guarantee you the cheapest cost of any production company, with a guarantee that if you do find a cheaper price, we will GO BEYOND just matching  that price with a minus $20 dollar guarantee!!  Contact us today so that we may start celebrating your special day with you!  Click here to see our video show reel of past weddings! ***PLEASE!!  Traditional (man+wife) marriages ONLY!!  Thanks!  Wedding packages start from $499 & go up to $1500..  Once you tell us what your looking for, we can create a custom package for you!!  


Have a look for yourself, at just a little you can expect from us, to honor you, on YOUR BIG DAY!! 

Tell us about YOU, and what you're looking for!!

Thanks for contacting us!!! We look forward to capturing your special day for you!!!

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