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At Nu Entertainment, we absolutely understand that BUSINESS IS THE BACKBONE OF AMERICA!  But your business is the BREAD & BUTTER of your backbone.  Starting from the ground, working up can be a daunting task that takes sweat, blood, grit, & often a little shit too!  You have worked hard to get your business where it is & in the public eye.. IMAGE first - then PRODUCT, is everything!!  We also understand that ANY business is ONLY as good as the folk it employs.. Which is why we see it as the HIGHEST & HUMBLED honor that you chose us for your production needs.  You can trust that if we are ON it - the highest premium of quality will be IN it!! 

As with so many other things in life - production starts with an idea and branches from there.  As we approach those ideas to branch for your business.. It is ALWAYS on the forefront of our minds - the delicacy of the image & reputation that you have worked so so hard to build.  Often years of hard work from folks that came before us & that is what we gently build on.. You can TRUST that the END product will go BEYOND exceeding your excellent expectations.  We are first & foremost a Christian company formed on the solid rock of fundamentals & principles, as should be set forth in any company that calls itself Christian..  From morals & ethics to the work itself of which Christ said in Matthew 5:41-42 (KJV) ..41 'And whosoever shall compel thee to go a mile, go with him two. 42  Give to him that asketh thee, and from him that would borrow of thee turn not thou away.'  We guarantee you will be pleased AND that our work will go BEYOND your GREATEST expectations - or you don't pay!!  We ALSO GUARANTEE you the lowest price of ANY production company around.. & if you find a production company cheaper, we will BEAT their price by 20%! 


We strive to give you the BEST quality & BEST pricing for the BEST experience you've ever had!  So if you ever need any kind of production needs again - we want there to be ABSOLUTELY NO hesitation in contacting us!! 

So contact us today for a new client kit demonstrating our excellent work.. & with your okay.. We will get to work for you creating the perfect production, centered & tailored around you & your business.. GUARANTEED to GO BEYOND your expectations & meet your every need!!  We look forward to hearing from you!!  From tailored video presentations, company portfolios, training videos, welcome videos, orientation videos, company profile videos, full production commercials, ads, graphics, or even full websites.. We have you covered from every angle.  Please fill out the customized form below so that we may get to know you!!  We hope this is the start of a GREAT LIFETIME  BUSINESS RELATIONSHIP with your GREAT COMPANY!!  Commit to us - and we're TOTALLY committed to you and your business!!

What can we do for your BUSINESS??

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