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There is ABSOLUTELY NO DOUBT that funeral's are a much dreaded DEEP VALLEY of life we all, unfortunately, must go through!  The loss of a loved one brings deep emotions to the forefront of our hearts and minds and tests our faith and emotions like nothing else in life.  The passing of a loved one can bring heartbreak UNBELIEVABLE!!  The memories of the one lost become deeply intense, and seem to play and RE-PLAY through our minds, sometimes more than ever before. 


We share in the sorrow and sadness of your loss, and grieve with you!!  

We now offer Funeral Eulogy Films..  A film-short documentary of sorts with photos and/or videos of your loved one.. Accompanied by the music of your choice.  We can also add either 'your' voice - reciting a last letter to your loved one.. or, upon getting a little information on your loved one from you.. We can write a custom obit eulogy for you, & after receiving your approval - voice it for you in the Funeral Eulogy short film.  This will combine the images and/or video, & your final words for your loved one... When these all come together.. It will create a powerful & perfect memorial for your loved one.. Giving them the final honor & love they deserve.    It'll also bring the memories you hold so dear.. All together, on a DVD, that you will always have to replay, even after the funeral!  Please see the samples below, to get an idea of what the final result will look like.. (One of which, was my own mother's eulogy film.) 


We work hard to give your loved one honor & respect, whilst keeping in mind the love and your precious memories that will last forever, when putting these films together.   Again, we share with you in grieving your loss.  Words are of little comfort in these times, but, we can give you a film of fond memories to look back on and remember the great times, that were with your loved one. We look forward to hearing from you!!  Contact us here..

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