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A VERY SPECIAL & EXCITING time for Jewish boys & girls.. A coming of age rite of passage for Jewish boys & girls. The plural is B'nai Mitzvah for boys, and B'not Mitzvah for girls. When Jewish boys become 13 years old, they become accountable for their actions and become a bar mitzvah...  At Nu Entertainment - we would BE HONORED to capture this ONCE IN A LIFETIME HONORABLE tradition..
We will arrive at the time of your choosing, and (if you so wish), follow your family & your little Bat/Bar Mitzvah all day for this special occasion, & create a time capsule that you may relive whenever you wish!  These are memories that last a lifetime & are very sacred & very special.. We understand this and know you will want to spend EVERY MOMENT in this special experience.. So leave the capturing of the tradition - in our hands and know that every second - every angle - every moment.. Will be caught on camera to relive for a lifetime...
Being such a sacred & time honored Jewish tradition - we are MORE THAN HONORED that you would consider us, for such a special occasion in you, your son/daughters, & your families life..
We will begin FROM DAY ONE.. Upon the birth of your child - give their history up until now.. & begin the big day from there..  We ARE EXCITED & BEYOND HONORED that you would call upon us for this AWESOMELY SPECIAL DAY, & WISH TO GO ABOVE AND BEYOND YOUR EXPECTATIONS...
PLEASE contact us for a demo film..  We have several packages including tshirts, Jewish glasses, customized Jewish hats, pens, pencils, customized tallits, INCLUDING UP TO a red carpet premiere (with our partners at Carmike Cinemas), where the film of your special day will be premiered on the BIG SCREEN, with your child the star..  Guests for the red carpet at your choosing..  This is an IMPORTANT TRADITION..  & we aim to make it one you, your child, & your friends & family will forever remember..  With 25 DVD copies of the film (to hand out to friends & family), included for free..  Contact us today, so we can start planning your special day!!!
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