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the place where YOUR loved one,

becomes the STAR!!!

RYING to get a gift for some people can be exhausting .. You want to give a gift that's unique, their life story, on film, and it's a gift that will last a lifetime!!  Yes, their AWESOME life story,  & make it even MORE memorable. & if you so choose, by premiering it on the silver screen at a local Carmike™ or AMC™ theater near you! 


Make them a celebrity on the red carpet 'by your invite only,' once in a lifetime experience?!  We take care of everything.. Even the 'schwag' (t-shirts, hats, pens, buttons, posters, etc.), that comes included; because you got to have advertising.  A film poster will be made depicting your loved one as the central, pivotal, leading star.. That artwork will serve as the DVD cover, (and humidifying film tin if you choose the film premiere package, to keep your very own movie theater 32mm film copy of the documentary of your loved one.)  


Also included: (as mentioned above..) T-shirt with your custom made documentary movie poster artwork, a press kit, These are the things that we will long cherish for a LIFETIME.. & will still in fact be cherished by other loved ones long after you!  Generations of your/their family will watch with pride. 


Your loved one will have a 'broadcast quality documentary, should you want it broadcasted on tv!!  Your loved/special one will,, - but for one night - get Hollywood treatment (whether you choose theatre premiere, or a home premiere.. you get the literal red-carpet treatment... Whereby wherever you choose to have the premiere - we will roll out the red-carpet for your guest!


* AT LEAST 4 (four) MONTHS notice - until the event of your loved one takes place..

* Name of loved one/friend and to talk with someone who knows their 'biography' .  The more extensive they know their life story, the BETTER!  This process will consist of questions about the honored one & will generally take about an hour or so.  Questions will range from date of birth, likes, dislikes, brothers, sisters, mother, & father.  General info about the subject whom is being honored.. All this is necessary for the 'biography' section of the LifeLine Video. 

* Names & contact numbers for at 'least' 10 (but no more than 25) folks to talk about your loved one.. What they will say will correlate with whatever the honoree  is being honored for... Happy birthday, happy anniversary, etc..

Check out the video below for more info on how this works!!

Give your loved one a gift they will NEVER EVER forget!! 

Show everyone the STAR that YOU KNOW, they've ALWAYS been!!​

There are two distinct packages with this service...

PACKAGE A:  The basic package ;


The documentary of your loved one,

Ten Media Objects of your choosing, (z m | I), showcasing your finished documentary.

custom-made artwork for the video case, movie poster, t-shirt, & hat.

PACKAGE B:  The GOLD package ;


The documentary of your loved one,

Ten Media Objects of your choosing, (z m | or I), showcasing your finished documentary any time you like.

custom-made artwork for the video case, movie poster, t-shirt, & hat.

A 'by your invite only' red-carpet film PREMEIRE at your nearest Carmike™, or AMC™ Theater.

FREE popcorn, drinks, & candy for up to 20 of your guests.