Writing | Storytelling

THE KEY ingredient to ANY great production, is in the story; the writing (or the storytelling!!) 


It is QUIN-ESSENTIAL to ANY films success, or failure

A GREAT story??...

  Will keep your audiences strapped to their seats anxiously watching!! 


A BAD story?? 

Will make your audience stand up and walk out!!  And any STILL seated in a bad story, 99% of the time, are probably asleep!  Of course... the 1% outta the 99%, are probably texting! 


Any GREAT film has this key element.. IMAGINATION!!  Any great film you have ever seen - had to start somewhere..

Conceived, as an idea *  Brought forth, through IMAGINATION... ALOT of imagination, brings GREAT things into ANY screenplay.  My writing is tailored to the client..  Whether the idea came from you; or you'd like me to create one for you.. It is started with that - & we simply add LOTS of imagination.. CREATING FOR YOU, the PERFECT production, that will be 100% YOURS!!

Whether you have an idea for your own film production.. Or you have just always wanted to produce your own film... I have the knowhow, talent, and skill.. To make YOUR idea into a screenplay, then into a BLOCKBUSTER SUCCESS!!

ALL I NEED IS YOUR IDEA (aka what you would like the pattern or theme, to reflect)...  CONTACT ME...

...& I'll take it from there!!  Please use the form below & together ~ we'll get STARTED TODAY!!  


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