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The first day of school, is a VERY important one in a child's life!! We wanna be there with you - capturing each moment of your child/loved one's BIG DAY!!

We start by creating a biographical timeline.. Themed around your child/loved one's interests.. For example - if your child/loved one's interest is from Disney's ® CARS??  Then we build a themed timeline with an overlaying CARS theme..


The timeline will start at birth and go - through the years.. All the way up until THE BIG DAY!!  His/her 1st day of school!

For the BIG DAY?? You determine where we start. We can start our cameras rolling at 'your wake up call' to your child/loved one.. Or we can start as your child/loved one - comes out the front door to make that memorable march to his/her first day of school...

To request a demo reel with examples &/or to see what we can do for you??   Please feel out the form below.. We'll be with you EVERY step of the way to make sure that what you get is PERFECTLY what you want!! Moreover - you will have the memory of this BIG DAY - captured in time.. To enjoy WHENEVER you want!! We so look forward to hearing from you!!

1st Day of School Contact Form..

Thanks for submitting!

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